Where’s My Order?

Q: I’ve purchased an Account or a Boost (wow / League of Legends). What happens next?
A: We will E-Mail you the account information within the next 15 minutes. If we require additional information before sending the account information, we will contact you via E-Mail. Keep an eye on your inbox. 🙂

Q: I’ve purchased an Account or a Boost. What if I haven’t received a response?
A: If you’ve purchased an item, we will typically respond to you within 5-15 minutes of your order. If you haven’t received a reply, don’t panic 🙂 MMO-Armory is open 14-16 hours a day. That means we only have 8-10 hours of inactivity maximum per day. You will never receive an order response later than 10 hours, and in most cases, within 5-15 minutes. MMO-Armory is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even on weekends and public holidays. Your response will arrive soon!