WOW-8080 EU $5,000.00


2 Scarab Lord mounts + title / achievements
– 12x Realm First
– 191 Feats of Strength achievements
– 377 Legacy achievements
– Multi Gladiator
– 837 unique pets
– 427 Mounts (MANY rare and unobtainable ones)
– 26.000+ achievement points
– Too many titles to list here

Veteran Vanilla account with EVERY collectors edition from Vanilla up to BfA. There are also lots of collectors editions for other Blizzard games on the account.

This is a shell account. It conotains no characters. The main account where there was characters is permanently locked. However these licenses are working fine and will contain every single achievement and feat listed here.

This shell account has never been duplicated. Please note that we cannot provide warranty on shell accounts due to the nature of how shell accounts can be used by the future user (to make duplicates and what not).

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