SW-250 GLOBAL $420.00


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Summoners War Account Summary

  • Server: Global
  • Arena Rank: Challenger
  • Real Time Rank: Challenger
  • Number of Natural Light 5★ Monsters: 0
  • Number of Natural Dark 5★ Monsters: 0
  • Number of Natural 5★ Monsters: 10
  • Number of 6★ Monsters: 24
  • Best Arena Rank Tally Recorded: 
  • Floor of Giant completed using Auto-Finish: 10
  • Floor of Dragon completed using Auto-Finish: 10
  • Floor of Necro completed using Auto-Finish: 8
  • Max Speed bonus attained from Runes: +111
  • Blue Mana: 1,122
  • Crystals: 65

Maxed out Glory Buildings

Arcane Booster Tower
Sky Tribe Totem
Crystal Altar
Ancient Sword
Dark Sanctuary
Light Sanctuary
Wind Sanctuary
Water Sanctuary
Fire Sanctuary
Guard Tower
Crystal Rock
Mysterious Plant
Mana Fountain
Fairy Plant

Maxed out Guild Towers

Flag of Battle

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