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50 Redguard Nightblade



Region: EU
Platform: PC/MAC
Console Transfer: This account is not transferable to consoles
Game License Edition: Imperial Edition
Veteran Rank: 16
Champion Points: 210
Crowns: 100
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Gender: Female
Achievement Points: 8375
Rare Titles: Explorer, Tamriel Hero, Corporal (highest PvP Rank)
Gold: 300.000
Alliance Points:
Bag/Inventory Capacity: 100 / Bank: 120



Gear: Its not ready, cause i was not sure if i put tank or dd gear on :/
But i have a lot of nice DD items, cause i started with.




Best mount on main character: Gray Yokudan Charger (crownshop)
Mount speed upgrades: 60 (maximum)
Mount stamina upgrades: 22
Mount carrying capacity upgrades: 5
Additional Mounts on the Main Character: Imperial Light Horse, Bay Dun Horse, Sorrel Horse


Skill Points


Skill Points Total: 250
SkyShards Collected: 217


Class Skill Levels (Nightblade)


Class Skill 1: 50 (highest level)
Class Skill 2: 50 (highest level)
Class Skill 3: 50 (highest level)


Weapon Skill Levels


Two Handed: 25
One Hand and Shield: 6
Dual Wield: 6
Bow: 38
Destruction Staff: 50 (highest level)
Restoration Staff: 50 (highest level)


Armor Skill Levels


Light Armor: 24
Medium Armor: 29
Heavy Armor: 50 (highest level)


World Skill Levels


Soul Magic: 6
Vampire: 10, but the char is not a Vampire at the moment (highest level)


Guild Skill Levels


Fighers Guild: 10 (highest level)
Mages Guild: 10 (highest level)
Undaunted: 8


Alliance War Skill Levels


Assault: 5
Support: 5


Racial Skill Levels


Redguard Skills: 50 (highest level)


Craft Skill Levels


Alchemy Skills: 4
Blacksmithing Skills: 8
Clothing Skills: 7
Enchanting Skills: 13
Provisioning Skills: 4
Woodworking Skills: 7


Additional Characters on this Account:


Sorcerer Veteran Rank 6, builded on Dmg
Provisioning lvl 50 (highest level)

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