LOL-1465 DIAMOND MMR EUW $190.00


You can play in any region!

  • You can can change your Summoner Name (1300 RP)
  • You can transfer your LoL Account to any region including NA, EUW, EUNE, OCE, LAN, LAS, BR, TR, RU (2600 RP cost per transfer)
  • When you transfer regions, the division will be reset, but you will carry your MMR. The loss in division will be minimum.
  • After transferring and playing a 1-2 games, you will regain a division relatively close from your previous region’s division.

League of Legends Account Summary

  • Region: EUW (Europe West) (You can transfer to ANY region)
  • Champions: 50
  • Skins: 19
  • Skin highlights:
    • Victorious Maokai (Season 6 Gold+) (No longer obtainable)
    • Victorious Graves (Season 7 Gold+) (No longer obtainable)
  • Pre-season Solo Queue: Diamond 5
  • 3v3: None
  • 5v5: None
  • Season 7 Rewards: Gold
  • Season 6 Rewards: Gold
  • Season 5 Rewards:
  • Season 4 Rewards:
  • Season 3 Rewards:
  • Season 2 Rewards:
  • Season 1 Rewards:
  • Rune Pages: 20
  • Riot Points: 129
  • Influence Points: 7773
  • No longer obtainable Ward Skins: 2
  • No longer obtainable Icons: 10

Skins List

Graves, Victorious Maokai, Blackfrost Anivia, Steel Legion Garen, Oktoberfest
Gragas, Riot Kayle, Challenger Nidalee, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee, Dark Crystal
Ryze, Guerilla Tristana, SSW Twitch, Dragonslayer Vayne(Chroma), Superb Villain
Veigar, Sweetheart Annie, Sanguine Garne, Whister Village Twitch, Big Bad
Warwick, Dreadknight Garen, Riot Girl Tristana

skins: Honor 3 ward(limited), Tomb Angel Ward(Legacy/Limited), Divine Sword
Ward, Underworld Poro Wards

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