LOL-1892 Lots of Rare Skins! NA $876.00


You can play in any region!

  • You can can change your Summoner Name (1300 RP)
  • You can transfer your LoL Account to any region including NA, EUW, EUNE, OCE, LAN, LAS, BR, TR, RU (2600 RP cost per transfer)
  • When you transfer regions, the division will be reset, but you will carry your MMR. The loss in division will be minimum.
  • After transferring and playing a 1-2 games, you will regain a division relatively close from your previous region’s division.

League of Legends Account Summary

  • Region: NA (North America) (You can transfer to ANY region)
  • Champions: 128
  • Skins: 69
  • Skin highlights:
    • King Rammus (Closed Beta) (No longer obtainable) (Extremely Rare)
      Urf the Manatee Warwick (Store – No Longer Obtainable) (Extremely Rare)
      UFO Corki (Account Created Before January 2010) (No longer obtainable) (Extremely Rare)
      Victorious Janna (Season 2 Gold+) (No longer obtainable)
      Judgement Kayle (10 Games Played in Season 1) (No longer obtainable)
      PAX Jax ($66 Loot Code – No longer purchasable from websites)
      Riot Squad Singed ($60 Loot Code – No longer purchasable from websites)
      PAX Sivir ($47 Loot Code – No longer purchasable from websites)
      Riot Graves ($50 on eBay – No longer purchasable from websites)
      Riot K-9 Nasus ($47 Loot Code – No longer purchasable from websites)
  • Season 8 Solo Queue (Current Season): None
  • 3v3: None
  • 5v5: None
  • Season 7 Rewards: None
  • Season 6 Rewards: None
  • Season 5 Rewards: None
  • Season 4 Rewards: Silver
  • Season 3 Rewards: Silver
  • Season 2 Rewards: Gold
  • Season 1 Rewards: Bronze
  • Rune Pages: 12
  • Riot Points: 146
  • Influence Points: 37664
  • No longer obtainable Ward Skins:
  • No longer obtainable Icons: Doom Bots of Doom, Path of Truth, Winter’s Claw, Spiteful Specter, Baleful Grasp, Death Mask, Deadfall Treant, Vengeful Wrath, Year of the Horse, Icon of the Warring Kingdoms, Giftwrapped Poro, Bad Gingerbread Veigar, Slay Belle Surprise, Santa Gragas Cookie, Snow Teemo, 2011 Bronze, 2012 Silver, 2012 Gold, 2013 Silver, 2014 Silver, Page Purchaser, Championship Riven, Vintage, Holiday Nashor,

Skins List

* = Legacy

UFO Corki
Victorious Janna
Judgement Kayle
King Rammus
PAX Sivir
Urf the Manatee
Neo Pax Sivir
Gatekeeper Galio
*Alien Invader Heimerdinger
Forecast Janna
Nunu Bot
Arcade Hecarim
Mecha Kha’Zix
Dragon Trainer Lulu
Arcade Sona
Tyrant Swain
Battlecast Urgot
Arctic Ops Varus
Arclight Vel’Koz
Battlecast Vel’Koz
Scorched Earth Xerath
*SKT T1 Zac
Pool Party Ziggs
Justicar Aatrox
Infernal Alistar
*Riot Blitzcrank
Lord Darius
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
Gragas, Esq.
*Riot Graves
*Traditional Karma
Grim Reaper Karthus
*Mistletoe LeBlanc
Pool Party Leona
Koi Nami
*Riot K-9 Nasus
Frozen Terror Nocturne
Full Metal Rammus
Pool Party Renekton
Redeemed Riven
*Traditional Sejuani
Pentakill Sona
Celestine Soraka
Cottontail Teemo
Deep Terror Thresh
*Traditional Trundle
*Underworld Twisted Fate
Gangster Twitch
*Primal Udyr
*Vandal Vladimir
Pentakill Yorick
Wildfire Zyra
*Sun Goddess Karma
Tango Evelynn
*Sonoran Kog’Maw
Commando Lux
*Snow Bunny Nidalee
Sewn Chaos Orianna
Earthrune Skarner
Giant Enemy Crabgot
Leprechaun Veigar
*Phantom Karthus
Goth Annie
Riot Girl Tristana

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