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Region: Americas

Account Summary

  • Estimated amount of real money spent in-game: 700$ 
  • Total Play Mode Wins: 3592
  • Total Arena Wins: 597
  • Gold: 500 (Used to purchase card packs)
  • Arcane Dust: 500 (Used to craft cards)

Class Summary

  • Druid: 213/500 Wins
  • Hunter: 249/500 Wins.
  • Mage: 500/500 Wins.
  • Paladin: 500/500 Wins.
  • Priest: 85/500 Wins.
  • Rogue: 11/500 Wins.
  • Shaman: 140/500 Wins.
  • Warlock: 500/500 Wins.
  • Warrior: 500/500 Wins.

Legendary & Rare Card Collection

  • Total Golden Legendary Cards: 7 (Disenchants for 1600 Arcane Dust each) 
  • Total Regular Legendary Cards66 (Disenchants for 400 Arcane Dust each)
  • Total Golden Cards: 262
  • Ultra Rare Cards:
    Legendary Captain’s Parrot (Reward for collecting every golden Classic Pirate card)
    Old Murk-Eye (Reward for collecting golden versions of all other Murloc cards)
  • Legendary Cards:
    Fandral, cenarius, dreadscale, archamge, flame levaithan, ragnaros the lightlord, tirion, vol’jin, prophet velen, hallazeal, al’akir, lord jaraxxus, mal’ganis, grommash, golden grommash, varian wrynn, sir finley, bloodmage, brann, moroes, tinkmaster, barnes, baron, elise, golden elise, gormok, old murk eye, captain greenskin, geugen , harrison, leeroy, loatheb, prince malchezzar, stalagg, cairne, emperor, justicar, illidan, hogger,maexxna, mukla, reno, golden sylvanas, the beast, baron geddon, dr boom, rend blackhand, the curator, twin emperor, chromaggus, kel’thuzad, medivh, the guardian,  ragnaros the firelord, sneeds old shreddar, alexstrasza, arch-theif rafaam, majordomo, malygos, nefarian, onyxia, soggoth the slitherer, ysera, c’thun, golden c’thun, deathwing, n’zoth
  • Golden Legendary Cards:
    Grommash, Sylvanas, Ragnaros, C’thun, N’zoth, Elise, Onyxia

Card Sets Collected

  • Basic Set: 100% Complete Collection
  • Classic Set: Around 90%-100% Collected
  • Naxxramas Set (Nax): 100% Complete Collection
  • Goblin vs Gnomes Set (GvG): Around 90%-100% Collected
  • Blackrock Mountain Set: 100% Complete Collection
  • The Grand Tournament: Around 90%-100% Collected
  • League of Explorers: 100% Complete Collection

Card Back Colection

  • Total Number of Cardbacks Owned: 28 
  • Card Backs Owned:
    Classic (Available to all players)
    Legend (Achieve Legend Rank)
    Fireside (Play with players on the same subnet – limited period)
    Rank 20+ Season 14
    Rank 20+ Season 15
    Rank 20+ Season 16
    Rank 20+ Season 17
    Rank 20+ Season 18
    Rank 20+ Season 19
    Rank 20+ Season 20
    Rank 20+ Season 21
    Rank 20+ Season 22
    Rank 20+ Season 23
    Rank 20+ Season 24

I can make every single possible deck in the deck. Examples: Full N’zoth Paladin, Full Control Warrior, Full Control Priest, Full C’thun Warrior, Full Ramp Druid, Full Malygos Druid, Full Malygos Rogue, Full Midrange Shaman, Full Aggro Shaman, Full Midrange Hunter, Full Secret Hunter, Full Beast Druid, Full Tempo Mage, Full Freeze Mage, Full Zoo Warlock, Full Handlock Warlock, Plus much more.

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