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Region: Europe
Account Summary
  • Estimated amount of real money spent in-game: Don`t Remember
  • Total Play Mode Wins: 5161
  • Total Arena Wins: 2028
  • Gold: 690 (Used to purchase card packs)
  • Arcane Dust: 7390 (Used to craft cards)
Class Summary
  • Druid: 500/500 Wins.
  • Hunter: 500/500 Wins.
  • Mage: 451/500 Wins.
  • Paladin: 225/500 Wins.
  • Priest: 500/500 Wins.
  • Rogue: 336/500 Wins.
  • Shaman: 324/500 Wins.
  • Warlock: 500/500 Wins.
  • Warrior: 500/500 Wins.
Legendary & Rare Card Collection
  • Total Golden Legendary Cards: 2 (Disenchants for 1600 Arcane Dust each)
  • Total Regular Legendary Cards81 (Disenchants for 400 Arcane Dust each)
  • Total Golden Cards: 160
  • Ultra Rare Cards:Old Murk-Eye (Reward for collecting golden versions of all other Murloc cards)
  • Legendary Cards:Fandral StaghelmMalfurion the PestilentAvianaCenariusKnucklesDeathstalker RexxarGahz`rillaSwamp King DredArchmage AntonidasFrost Lich JainaBolvar. FirebloodSunkeeper TarimRagnoros. LightlordTirion FordringRaza the ChainedEdwin WanCleefSherazin. Corpse FlowerXaril. Poisoned MindValeera the HollowUnite the MurlocsAl`Akir the WindlordClutchmother ZavasLord JaraxxusMal`GanisHobart GrapplehammerGrommash HellscreamPatchers the PirateShifter ZerusSir Finley MrrggltonBloodmage ThalnosNat. the DarkfisherAuctionmaster BeardoBrann BronzebeardFjola LightbaneMoroesBarnesBaron RivendareElise StarseekerKazakusOld Murk-EyeFeugenFinja. the Flying StarLeeroy JenkinsLoathebPrince MalchezaarStalaggAya BlackpawEmperor ThaurissanJusticar TrueheartMaexxnaReno JacksonSylvanas WindrunnerThe BeastThe Black Knight 2xBaron GeddonChillmawDr.BoomRend BlackhandThe CuratorTroggzor the EarthinatorTwin Emperor Vek`lorChromaggusKel`ThuzadMedivh. the GuardianRagnoros the FirelordSneed`s Old ShredderThe BoogeymonsterThe Lich KingAlexstraszaArch-Thief RafaamMajordomo ExecutusMalygosNefarianNozdormuYseraC`ThunN`Zoth. the CorruptosYogg-Saron. Hope`s End
  • Golden Legendary Cards:Illidan StromrageY`Saarj. Rage Unbound
Card Sets Collected
  • Basic: 100% Complete Collection
  • Classic: Around 90%-100% Collected
  • Naxxramas (Nax): 100% Heroic Mode
  • Goblin vs Gnomes (GvG): Around 70%-90% Collected
  • Blackrock Mountain: 100% Heroic Mode
  • The Grand Tournament: Around 70%-90% Collected
  • League of Explorers: 100% Heroic Mode
  • Karazhan: 100% Heroic Mode
  • Wrath of the Old Gods: Around 70%-90% Collected
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Around 70%-90% Collected
  • Un’goro: Around 70%-90% Collected
Card Back Colection
  • Total Number of Cardbacks Owned: 42
  • Card Backs Owned:Classic (Available to all players)Legend (Achieve Legend Rank)Heroic Naxxramas (Complete Heroic Naxxramas)Heroic Blackrock Mountain (Complete Heroic Blackrock MountainIcecrown (Rank 20 Season 5)Pirates! (Rank 20 Season 6)Hallow’s End (Rank 20 Season 7)Goblins (Rank 20 Season 8)
Almost every deck
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