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  • Main character: Level 110 blood elf blood dk
  • PvE Itemlevel: 968
  • PvE Tier Pieces: 4 (blood)
  • PvP Itemlevel: 967
  • Gold: around 100k plus a token worth 300k
  • Number of Mounts: 243
  • Number of Pets: 490
  • Achievement Points: 18000
  • Feats of Strength:
  • Legacy Feats: 187
  • Noteworthy Feats of Strength:
    for mounts check below total mounts is 243 which is allot

    also has realm first algalon with it’s title and original character on the account and many rare legendaries such as sulfaras etc, and old items

  • Noteworthy Mounts:
    raven lord
    green poto drake
    llothien prowler
    etc like many more reares

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