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  • Currently we are only purchasing extremely good accounts. If you meet at least one of the following, please submit a form:
    • Very good raiding gear
    • 15k+ Achievement Points
    • 50+ Feats of Strength
    • Incredible List of Mounts
    • Rank 1 Titles
    • Gladiator from the latest season
    • The latest legendary gear
    • Rare old unobtainable gear/weapons/mounts/pets
  • Important criteria to sell to us:
    • You must have a Verified PayPal Account.
    • The last name on the PayPal account must match that of your account.
    • You can use a family member’s PayPal with the same last name.
    • You must be willing to supply an ID scans for this sale.
    • You must be the original owner of the account.
    • Changing the owner’s name on the to yours does not mean you are the original owner.
    • If you have extremely good reputation on trading forums, you may sell non original owner accounts. Please link your reputation in the comment box.
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