MMO-Armory Account Lifetime Warranty Policy

We a friendly and simple Lifetime Warranty Policy on all Accounts.

We understand that just like any other purchases, issues may happen.

  • If your account gets issues within 2 months of purchase, you will receive 100% store credit.
  • If your account gets issues between 2 months to 12 months of purchase, you will receive 50% store credit.
  • If your account gets issues within 12 months to the day the world ends, you will receive 30% store credit.

Store credit can be used to purchase anything on our site. You can even sell store credit to other customers or pass it to your friends.

What we mean by Issues:

  • If your account gets recovered by the owner and we are unable to restore access.
  • If the account gets banned because of faults on our end.

All account purchases are automatically eligible for our warranty. You don’t need to do anything 🙂

Just remember, please don’t sell or trade the account, this will void the warranty. Please also don’t change the E-Mail address registered on the account as this will also void the warranty. Blizzard permits changing the name of an account only from a parent/guardian to a child who is no longer a minor, only in such circumstances would a warranty not be void in regards to a namechange of the registered account holder’s name.

Other than that, you’re good to go! 🙂

Regarding Secret Question Answer

  • If you ask for the SQA, we will give it to you without any problem. By default, it is not sent.
  • We do not warranty accounts if you opt to receive the Secret Question Answer (SQA). Some of our clients end up using the SQA to change the E-Mail and sell the account to a third party, then they claim to us that the account was stolen and we end up assisting customers in recovering account from honest parties.
  • By withholding SQA, when you lose access to an account we immediately know it is definitely not your fault or your doing and thus we can give you full support.
  • You can always decide to ask us for the SQA in a future date should you decide you need it, or you want to sell your account to a third party.
If you have purchased an account before January 2, 2014, you will be covered under our older Warranty Policy (click here to read it).
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