Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Does MMO-Armory offer payment plans?

A: In general no. We may consider payment plans for accounts priced $2500 or above, and at least half of the payment would need to be made in advance.

Q: Can I pay you in a different currency? Why are EU accounts charged in US Dollars?

A: We also accept Euros and British Pounds. Currently, our website only supports one currency. However, if you would like to make a payment in a different currency, send us an E-Mail to [email protected], quoting the account number you are interested in, and we will process your order manually.

Q: Do you offer warranty for your accounts and services?

A: Yes we do. You can view our warranty policy, refunds/returns policy and terms of sale right before the payment page when you are purchasing an account or service.

Q: Can I reserve accounts?

A: Yes. E-Mail us to [email protected] and tell us which account number you would like to reserve. We can typically reserve accounts up to 24 hours. If you make a down payment, we can reserve accounts for a much longer duration.